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Mar 05

March News: Time is so Precious...Be Respectful of Yours and Others

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March 5, 2014

Days, months, seasons and years pass by so quickly now, that it all seems crazy. I remember my younger years where I was always bored and complained there was nothing to do in my little small town in St-Irenee, Charlevoix, Quebec Canada, where 800 people lived amongst millions of pigs, cows and chickens.  Born and raised on a chicken farm, with no female friends to hang out with in my area, I was bored and learned so many things to compensate: piano, volleyball, cooking, sewing, dancing, singing, playing cards and playing scrabble  with adults, etc...  I never expected that at some point in my life, I would not have enough time in 24 hours a day.  

Everyone has their own life, problems and challenges, between work, family, children for those who have children, appointments, sports, etc... we are all feeling the race of life, more and more.  Yes… taking time to breathe, meditate, walk in nature, taking vacation are all elements we need to prioritize.  

Lately, I realized why I get upset when people don't respect my time, either over the phone, missed appointments, repeating myself over and over, correcting others mistakes, following-up 20,000 times  (of course I’m exaggerating a little bit here!) for the same thing or a contract I'm waiting for; ultimately due to people who don’t respect their commitments.  The reason is because I realize now how time is so precious, besides health. We can NEVER get it back, never trade it, never buy it and never know if it will still be here tomorrow...  

This is also reflected in our personal lives, and this is one area I work on with my coaching clients: balance your life and business at 180 mph, you can go fast but only with balance and passion.  You need a champion mindset to win in all areas.  To be more successful and achieve peak performance, we need to plan ahead.   Even in my personal life, because I travel so much, I need to be able to schedule in advance weekend plans to have some fun, cooking, camping, invite friends, going dancing. Because you know what?  If you don't plan your time with family and friends, life will throw at you all kinds of challenges and reasons, like cleaning, laundry, grocery, etc... and you will end your day realizing you didn't do what is most IMPORTANT in life: connecting and creating memories, and quality time with your loved ones.

Exercise of the Month: List 10 activities you enjoy with your family and friends and start scheduling them in your agenda, see the results and the improvements and how you are fulfilled in your heart and your soul for things that matter the most to YOU.  Do it with your spouse and kids and see the difference between each other and learn from that exercise.

Enjoy more balance in your life and become more productive by having the right planning.  Have fun while R.A.C.I.N.G. at 180 mph!

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R.A.C.I.N.G. to YOUR Success at 180 mph!


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