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Dec 06

December News: My trip to Nigeria - How Can You Improve Productivity?

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December 6, 2013

LESSONS FROM MY TRIP TO AFRICA: How Can You Improve Productivity? by Nadine Lajoie

WOW!  I cannot believe that I found an airport worse than Montreal/Dorval: Frankfurt!  I had to walk about 5 miles between flights (maybe not that much, but it felt like it!), from gate Z to B, without a train or shuttle.   Really?  I've never experienced that before.  Had to pass a police screening while exiting the plane, plus another security checkpoint with a long line.  We were just in transit, staying at the airport, so why did we have to get through all those check points in between flights, that makes no sense!  The monitors did not indicate the assigned gates and so two flights were scheduled at the same gate and no-one was available to tell us which flight needed a gate change. Unfortunately, my gate was changed and it was a really long walk back.    

On the other hand, I had a great experience flying with Lufthansa!  They understand on-board customer service, even for economy class, with free meals, free wine or cocktails, and free Baileys or a digestive.  WOW!!!  At the other end of the spectrum are the US airlines who almost charge for a glass of water!  I don't know if US companies perform a cost-analysis but those small details in customer satisfaction should not cost so much.  Why does flying from California to Montreal cost almost $700, whereas flying from California to Africa costs only $1151?  Is it because other companies have better management, less employees and are more efficient in their back office?  I wonder... but I'm sure they cannot lose more money than our North American Airlines (aside from SouthWest who are more profitable than all the other ones combined, if I remember correctly).  Unfortunately, Lufthansa did lose my luggage for 2 days upon my arrival, so I gave my official speech without my nice outfit and had to go the gala award dinner without my dress. Finally, two days later, I had to go back to the airport again, hire a driver for two hours, because they could not deliver the luggage to the hotel.  I could not even send someone, I had to go myself, because of security, what is wrong with this picture?  

All this brings me to talk about my next point:  how can you improve efficiency in your business?  To make more profit, there are only 2 ways: either increase revenues or decrease expenses. 

1- Increase Revenues:  Having more clients and being able to serve them properly is always a major challenge.  Another way is increasing your pricing by offering more high-end ticket items and providing specialized advice, serve a better clientele and bring something unique to your clients so they are willing to pay more for your services.  Working for a client who will give you $100k or $10k is probably the same amount of effort, so why not focus your energy in finding a solution.

2- Decrease Expenses: Having "A Players" as employees, team members or strategic partners may cost more in the short term but should be profitable in the long term.  If you want to decrease your monthly expenses, you need to systemize everything, and use technology as much as you can.  I'm always surprised to see many clients and employees, repeat the same task without even thinking of establishing any kind of process to automate or delegate  each time, so they don't forget what to do and can save so much time going back and forth with  management.  Having a better vision and corporate goals will also help your employees understand why you are doing this or that.  If you are doing it with integrity and to help other people, they should understand and be more productive, knowing this is to create a better life for other people by giving back to the community.

Bottom line, net profits are keeping your company alive.  You may want to help more people but if you don't make enough profit, you cannot keep your customers happy and you cannot keep your employees on a payroll if your sales and marketing team doesn't bring in enough clients and new business.  So one of the areas you should invest in, is sales and marketing, because this is the lifeline to keep you alive.

For an analysis or ways to create better systems for your company, you may request a consultation with Nadine by contacting us at 949-421-7562 or visit to claim your free gifts and access our one hour pre-recorded online coaching session.

Have fun and increase your profits while R.A.C.I.N.G. to Success at 180 mph!


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