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Jan 20

Jan 2015 News: Seeking Positivity in the New Year

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January 20, 2015

We live our lives in the accompaniment of a very vocal inner dialogue. This voice speaks to us constantly and often she is not particularly kind. This voice casts judgement, not only on others but on ourselves as well. In the moments after we have conceived of a new creative venture, she is there to remind us of our faults and shortcomings. Just as we are putting the finishing touches on a work presentation she pops up, quizzical at our pursuit for success. It seems that this voice never misses an opportunity to cut us down and make us feel as though we are incapable, unlovable or simply not worthy in general.

It is amazing how much negativity exists in the everyday mind and how difficult it is for us to offer ourselves kindness. Even as we cheer on our friends and family, we struggle to give ourselves that same encouragement. While positivity may not come "naturally" to many of us, it is a goal worth striving for, each and every day.

The first step towards achieving a positive mindset and overcoming the negativity of our internal dialogue is to simply observe. Spend an entire day listening to the voice inside of us and take note of each insult she hurls your way. Do not engage with the voice, just listen quietly. Record your observations and look them over at the end of the day. Is there a theme? Is there any repetitive language?

After we have reviewed our findings, do something our voice wasn't counting on: turn the negatives into positives. Get a new notebook, just for this purpose. Let it be one that inspires you and makes you feel good. Then, start writing to yourself. Take each negative thought that cropped up and make it a positive. For example: "Creative? I doubt it. More like you just steal others ideas." Turn that into: "I am creative and I have unique ideas."

Write the same positive affirmation out ten times, then repeat this process for each negative turn of the sword you experience throughout the day. Make a commitment to show yourself kindness everyday and observe the growth and happiness that occurs as a result.

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Happy New Year!


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