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Feb 04

Feb 2015 News: The 5 Secrets of a High Achiever

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February 4, 2015

Who wants to attain high performance these days?  Unfortunately not everyone, especially in our society right now, because many are satisified to just live in mediocrity. Being a high achiever myself in many areas of my life, I love to be surrounded by like-minded people.  People who achieve great success, not only in the financial and business realms, but also in their personal lives.  Self-esteem, confidence, joy and happiness are the emotions you experience when you accomplish your goals or achieve high success. Sports athletes and Olympians are a good example of that exaltation and joy when all their efforts are rewarded by winning medals.

Even if it feels like motorcycle racing sometimes, at 180 mph, with work, family, business, relationships and thousands of things going on around us, you need to focus on the important things to keep you alive: your finish line, your goal, your passion and what makes you vibrate inside every morning when you get up.  If you focus on the small cracks in the road, you may miss the next great opportunity around the corner.  Keep an eye on your peripheral vision, look far ahead and focus on the next step you need to take to accomplish your full potential and be a “better you”.

Below, I explain the five secrets of a high achiever.  Just like a motorcycle racer on the racetrack, in order to develop the attitude that will lead you to become a successful entrepreneur you need: focus, adrenaline, discipline, practice and coaching.


Focus is the first factor that you need to pay attention to as an entrepreneur. You must never ever lose focus during the course of your venture. You need to keep focus on the venture prior to launch; however, it increasingly becomes more important once your venture has started. Therefore, at every stage on the path to success as an entrepreneur, one must not lose focus on the goals and objectives. By focusing, I mean converging all your energy and attention to one point – the exact spot you want to go on the track of life.


An adrenaline rush is the next thing you need to become a successful entrepreneur. Adrenaline can only stimulate your body if you love what you do. Therefore, if your venture is just out of an idea from your friends and family then you may not achieve success. On the contrary, if you are passionate about your idea then you will work on it day and night, no matter how much resistance you face. This is the attitude of “doing whatever it takes”.


Discipline is the undisputed trait that most of us don’t really like. However, although some despise discipline, if you ask or observe any successful entrepreneur, discipline is the one factor that they all have in common. You need to have discipline in hiring employees, delegating authority, and in all the business processes, so that the business runs efficiently and there is no fluctuation in the productivity level.


One of the most important factors for success is practice. As all of you know, practice makes perfect. Therefore, in your business process, try to make a habit of practicing a procedure before implementing. The more you practice a process, the better it gets with time and you will be able to achieve success from your business. As an example, my 3rd place achievement against 75 men at Daytona was in the rain and, because I had so much practice in the rain in Canada, that gave me a huge advantage.


No one can deny the importance of coaching. To be successful in your venture, I always advise my clients to have three or four different coaches, to focus on different areas of business, for example you can have a financial coach, a motivational coach, a health coach, etc.  They will guide you throughout your course and provide the necessary direction that prevents you from getting stuck on your way to success.

When it comes to becoming a successful entrepreneur, the one thing that matters most is attitude. It’s the attitude that differentiates a successful venture from a venture that results in lost time and money. You need to have the right tool and practice, strict discipline, rigorous coaching, an unflinching focus, and an adrenaline rush that reflects your passion and excitement.

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