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Jan 07

January News: 5 Lessons Learned from Nelson Mandela, a tribute by Nadine Lajoie

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January 7, 2014

What a BIG LOSS of a man who inspired and changed his country and the world by his presence and his work! All prayers and courage to all of his family, friends, citizens and fans! We all should live to his standards! RIP

Since my Trip to Nigeria two months ago, discovering Africa, the people and the heart and soul of Africans, I feel touched by the passing of Nelson Mandela as I would not have been so much before... I also met many South Africans while there, felt the connection with them and was introduced to this culture in different ways.

1- Leadership: Everyone of us is a leader, at some point, and wherever you start, you can achieve so much more that you can imagine. I guess he didn't intend to become such a world leader. It makes me realize how much ONE MAN named “Madiba” by his tribe (or ONE WOMAN like Mother Theresa), with rough beginnings, in prison for 27 years, changed the face of his country, all Africans and every country in the world!

2- Perseverance: Even in jail for so many years, receiving only one visit a year and one letter every 6 months, Nelson Mandela still had faith in human nature. Anti-apartheid leader, he never quit his vision and desire for democratic equality through race, religion and politics. Most of us are giving up too easily and too quickly... He was patient for 27 years and more, pretty amazing

3- Desire of Justice and Integrity: He understood that those 2 elements would help his country in many ways, that racial division and denying blacks the right to vote would never lead to success and prosperity and he did everything in his power to defend it, became the first Black President in South Africa, received over 250 honors and a Nobel Prize. Breaking barriers is possible for everyone, whatever are your challenges and the best leaders and the best athletes in the world, this is what they did. Break your own will give you more freedom.

4- Forgiveness and Love: What a huge lesson he gave to everyone, after everything he had to suffer, being able to forgive and embrace the unification instead of going into anger and rebellion? How many time in our lives are we reacting and just fighting with anger and punishment?

5- Vision and Passion: “If there is anything that would kill me it is to wake up in the morning not knowing what to do”, Mandela said. He was not satisfying himself in just surviving or staying in his comfort zone. His vision, his passion and what he wanted to accomplish on this earth were keeping him alive in prison. How about you? For me, this is so true, my passions of volleyball and piano kept me alive too, until the age of 25 years old, to go through my suicidal thoughts and now inspiring people worldwide to realize their dreams and overcome their challenges.

We can live our lives and make a difference in the world, if we all can do at least 10-20% of what he did, that would be AWESOME, I think! Live for the best, live on the edge and never look back! He inspired all of us, in one way or the other... now our turn to do the same!

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