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Jun 11

Teen CEO Reality Show: In-Powering Teens To Learn How To Become Successful Entre

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June 11, 2014

Teen CEO TV Reality Show in collaboration with Teen Entrepreneur Academy from Concordia University in Irvine Business School, is a family-orientated entertainment TV show. Creating more successful entrepreneurs empowers the youth and our society. A training group supports all teenagers cast and even those who are not selected for the TV show. Everybody wins by gaining valuable knowledge and expert advice throughout the experience.

Nadine Lajoie is an International award-winning entrepreneur who retired as a millionaire at 41 and now shares her proven methods of success to the next generation of entrepreneurs. She trains and “IN-Powers” entrepreneurs to achieve high performance and successful results. She has been featured on all major TV networks including ABC, FOX, CBS just to name a few. Her best-selling book “Win the Race of Life” has won numerous international awards. She translates her success to creating the next generation of entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and never give up on their dreams. 

Teen CEO TV Reality Show is a WIN-WIN opportunity for those who need direction in their life. Teens are WANTED. Anyone can apply between the ages of 13 and 19 years old. The format of the show blends styles seen in The Apprentice, Oprah Winfrey, and Undercover Boss. 

**Teens Can Join Now by signing up on this page Register Now or calling (949) 421-7562, Casting Calls/Auditions: July 13-19 and October**

Nadine Lajoie is a #1 Best-selling author, international speaker, musician, championship motorcycle racer and accomplished business leader. Nadine is available for interviews.

For more information about Nadine Lajoie, click here:

To schedule interviews with Nadine or to be a guest on your show: call Don at (813) 389-0801

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