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Jul 21

July 2014 News: Discover and Nurture Your Talent

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July 21, 2014

A talent is a special ability that enables a person to do something well. It is a special natural ability or aptitude. Different people have different talents for example painting, playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, public speaking, the list is endless. In her ​book, Win the Race of Life, Nadine Lajoie describes a talent as a beautiful inner energy, a God given gift.

Discovering your talent is the first step to take. It is only when you discover your talent that you will be able to nurture and utilize it for your benefit and the benefit of others. Nadine Lajoie discovered her talent in playing the Guitar. She narrates her memorable experience at Jennings and Daytona, where she met other people who had various talents. There were comedians who filled the group with laughter with their jokes. She also recalls a keyboard player who played music with her and they sang together.  All these "gifts" enabled them to relax and relieve their stress. Imagine what the story would have been if none of these people had discovered their talents.

The next step after discovering your talent is to nurture it. The benefits obtained from the use of a talent can only be maximized through nurturing. This involves putting the talent into use and learning ways of enhancing it. One may even need to hire a tutor so as to enhance the talent to a professional level. Unfortunately most people prefer not to nurture their talents, especially if they have a notion that after investing financing in themselves, the talent will bring in little or no monetary in return. Talents have propelled people to unimaginable heights, heights which they never thought they would reach in their lifetime; heights which they would never have reached without those talents. Talents bring joy and fulfillment to people’s lives.

Have I discovered my talent? Have I nurtured it? Am I utilizing my talent fully? These are the questions you should ask yourself every morning when you wake up.

Now you know what to do. Stop sleeping on your talent. Wake up, discover your talent, nurture it and gladly watch the benefits that will follow. Embrace your talent, share and enjoy it with others. Do not forget to help others grow their talents. Treasure your precious gift from God, and you will see the wonders it can do.​

You can also discover your talents as a leader by completing your COMPLIMENTARY Quick Leadership Survey at or connect with Nadine at

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