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Sep 02

Sept 2014 News: Have a DREAM...

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September 2, 2014

What is your dream? You may have encountered this question several times. If you have a dream, then you are on the right track. If you do not have a dream, then you need to look for one and work towards achieving it.

A dream is an idea or vision that is created in our imagination. Dreams are the goals and objectives which we set throughout our lives and hope to achieve. In her book, Win the Race of Life, Nadine Lajoie describes dreams in these words:

“Dreams are our faith in life. They are our daily accomplishments. Dreams energize us and this energy is propagated all around us.  It makes us different and we are able to multitask.  Dreams are the love we have inside us at every moment of our life.”

Dreams, no matter how small or big, simple or complicated, straight forward or far-fetched, are necessary. They help us to take a certain path so as to achieve what we so passionately desire. They are the magical forces behind the resilience of those who possess them. For Nadine Lajoie, her dreams made sure she never gave up on her life, even if it showered her with tough situations.

Although at times we never get to achieve some of our dreams, they help us utilize our time and resources unreservedly for our own good. This is definitely better than not dreaming at all. Living without a dream is living like a robot. A robot does what it is programmed to do. As it performs its functions, it has neither a vision nor a goal. In order to attach value and meaning to life, everyone needs to have a dream.

To achieve our dreams, we may have to make some sacrifices. Some of the sacrifices may be material possessions, finances, moving away from family and loved ones (especially if they are a hindrance to the achievement of our dreams), leisure time, to name but a few. Worse still, such sacrifices even when made do not guarantee positive results. However, if we decide to remain in our comfort zone and not make the sacrifices, this will be the recipe for failure. It is pointless to have a dream and not work towards achieving it. Therefore we should be ready to make the necessary sacrifices.

Let us dream, because anything is possible. Dream and never stop dreaming. 

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