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Dec 10

Life after Tribulations: How I Became Better and Not Bitter by Clara Freeman

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December 10, 2013

Life after Tribulations: How I Became Better and Not Bitter

By Guest Author, Clara Freeman


Statistically speaking, fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. In December of 1999, I signed on the dotted line that would dissolve my marriage and make me a life altering member of that looming statistic. Since my divorce, I’ve survived many tragic occurrences in my life, including the loss of a mother, sister and good friend, and did I also tell you that my younger brother passed away after serving time in the Air Force in 1987 or that my dad passed in 1996?

The point I’m trying to make is this: We’ve all had trials and tribulations, sorrows and regrets and cried rivers of tears in the privacy of our own lives. I remember the first time a boy broke my young heart and I thought this was the most excruciating pain anyone should ever have to suffer. It took me nearly two years to get over a first love, but, heck, there have been a few relationship scars since then. When we feel pain, we feel vulnerable and torn from the situation and we’re not caring to think or even act to take on the solution that will make ourselves better.

The one truth lesson that I’ve applied to my life from years of living and learning from life experiences, is that God doesn’t allow it to rain in our lives everyday. We’re not promised a rose garden, either. Those human conditions we have no control over will always resurface, because of the way our good lord planned it. Let’s get real. What you’re going through, many of us have already been there.

I’m not glossing over any part of your life where you’ve felt like you’ve had enough. I’m right there with you. But, instead of berating, denying or beating yourself up about milk that’s already been spilt or a tragedy that cannot be undone, take a step inside of your emotions, allow yourself to open your truth ‘self’ to the pain and let your burdens flow.

You have to believe where once there were rainy days of sorrow; you will awaken to sunny days of Joy. Your job as a spiritual being living a human existence is to be present in every moment of your life and make the decision to move forward, during and after the storm. It’s a great thing this freedom we have of “Choice.”

In June 2012, my life took another unsuspecting turn. After 30 plus years of nursing, I found myself unable to cope with the stress of being responsible for the lives of others. I began to experience overwhelming bouts of anxiety and work related fatigue. I couldn’t believe the changes in healthcare, in which I was a reluctant participant. Sadly, I longed for the nursing days of old, where people were the main concern as opposed to workplace politics and yet, I was feeling like the disgruntled asinine one.

Today, my service to empower other women to live their truths is in full force. I obtained a certificate in leadership and coaching and use my leadership skills and personal life lessons to mentor women on the journey to ‘Becoming.” There’s a journey we must all embark upon. It is the path that leads to knowing who we are; whose we are and what our passion and purpose is. After all the pains, trials and tribulations of financial woes, death, job loss and divorce, I’m not bitter. I’m just blessed to be living and sharing my best life- ever.

About Clara

Clara Freeman is a former nurse living Illinois. A women’s advocate, motivational author and writer, she mentors women on the journey to living an authentic lifestyle. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and websites, including Women on Writing,, Working Nurse Magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine, Costco Magazine, Bronze Magazine and Women in Business 101 Magazine.

Visit her website for more inspiring messages and to download a copy of her popular eBook, A Life Toward Authenticity-My Authentic Woman Story at

Clara’s author page is accessible at:   

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