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Mar 13


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March 13, 2015

As you know, in life, not everything goes according to our plans or desires...  or maybe I should say, things never happen the way we want!  Here is another personal example to inspire you to never give up.

When I moved to the United States, it took me four years to acquire my temporary immigration visa which is valid for 5 years! Finally, I thought now I could have my own apartment in Orange County, California -- but no, a whole new series of new problems await.  Even though I finally got my social security number, no landlord would rent to me or give me a lease for an apartment, let alone a mortgage for a condo or a house. Since my visa was temporary and it will never lead to a green card or a permanent resident status, all these opportunities disappeared.  Therefore, I was reluctantly forced to share a space with a co-tenant.

I recall a few years ago, when I took my first shower with real hot, running water, had real power, a real bed, and a real place to stay, I was crying with joy. I had lived for 4 years in my RV in the U.S. and with a small 8 x12 room in the warehouse at the back of my office in Ile-Perrot, with no windows and just a small kitchenette.  So for me to move from an R.V. to my first apartment in the States, in 2010, was a huge change.

I lived in abundance and in gratitude for having done all this and have never given up. I went to a spa in the evenings, took advantage of the pool from time to time, and although I was semi-retired from my financial company, I worked very hard to build my business to stay in California. 11 months later, the nightmare began when my roommate stopped paying, and I had to cover his rent, and move out.  I lived with another series of 3 roommates, for a total of 4 roommates in 14 months, moving in and out of different apartments, one nightmare after the other.

I have had several roommates none of which worked out and many times I had to pay their portion of the rent as they had no money or lost their job.  Even though most of the time I was travelling and speaking around the world and was considered “the perfect roommate” who was never there!  It became a huge challenge to find a roommate who would be compatible and responsible. After my comfortable life in Montreal and living in my own house from 1994 to 2006, having those set backs because of other “uncommitted and unrespectful” people, this experience was very frustrating but made me a stronger person and determined to find the perfect place to live.  Either way, I was not willing to give up my dream to live in California. It took me years, but I’ve recently found that place and now share it with my new husband (story and pictures to come next month!) in Long Beach, California – our own place, no roommates, no hassle and finally our own private cocoon, peace and quiet! 

I'm neither a spendthrift nor materialistic, but finally I realized my dream to officially live in the United States. 

Most of the time, we love our neighbors and our friends, and I am often envied, especially since I live in California and I travel a lot. But we need to realize that life is not perfect and those experiences with those roommates from hell (and we’ve all had them), or any nightmares we are living, are part of our life making us a stronger and more successful person.

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