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Apr 20

January News 2017: From Racing Racing Yachts!

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April 20, 2017

From Racing Racing Yachts! 

Extreme sports is completely up my alley, but I would have never expected Yacht Racing to Hawaii for the Transpac 2017, (one of the two oldest and longest races in the world), would be one of them! I met my husband, Steve Steiner (Concup Steve), just over 2 years ago, an excellent sailor and coach recognized in the sailing community, who introduced me to the sport.  Going at 8 knots on a boat is completely different than being a motorcycle road racer at 180 mph! I've raced for 8 years, won over 50 trophies in my motorcycle racing career, including a 1st place in a Women's Championship in Canada, finished 3rd at Daytona against 75 guys and finished Top 10 in the WERA National Championship in the USA.  

I switched to sailboats and in my first year, was on 4 winning teams (including JAZZ, owned by Mark Itnyre, another great coach along with my husband), and 10 months later, I was asked to coach different sailing classes. I was surprised, but then I started to think about those 5 secrets I've applied in piano, volleyball, my international businesses, public speaking, #1 Best-Seller book "Win the Race of Life", motorcycle and now yacht racing, and it all made sense.  You can apply those 5 Secrets too!

For the past 2 years, I've raced with the Womens’ Sailing Association – Long Beach (WSA – LB). After the LEMWOD competition, I was asked to be part of Team Windspiration, born from Ann Eggers' dream who is racing for 42 years.  The team includes Debbie Kraemer our skipper, and a few other great racers including Owen Provence, Tracey Brown, Loryne Schamber and Angela Goodwind.

Our team will be the first one in 20 years for a full 6-8 women crew to participate, since the famous Linda Ellias' team.  Depending on which boat we decide to charter (we have 3 choices so far), we'll add 2 or 3 women for this unique event and challenge, including a possible spot for one major sponsor who wants to be part of the thrill and the history!  

The team has already a combined total of 201 years of experience (28.7 years per crew on average) and want to inspire women in a men's sport, and be role models for these values: empowerment, courage, perseverance and commitment, for many women and young girls in the future.  We are proof that everything is possible, at any age, at any time in your life and there are no excuses!

The team is also available for speeches, team building exercises and media interviews. Since I'm already an international speaker, this is easy and natural for us and will bring the most visibility for our sponsors, as a bonus, along with book giveaways.

If you want to get involved with this great opportunity for exposure, media coverage and branding for your company or as an individual, please visit for updates and details, or call me directly at949-421-7562, email

R.A.C.I.N.G. to YOUR Success in 2017 at 180 mph!


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