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 More Testimonials! (from people in the industry)


“If you are looking for a dynamic and entertaining presentation, with interaction for your teams and employees to achieve high success, increase their results, and be inspired at a higher level, I recommend Nadine for an amazing speaker to help you inspire your team.  Nadine is one of the best coaches in the world that I worked with.”  Berny Dohrmann, CEO/Founder of CEO Space International, November 20, 2012

"Her book is a must read and will "IN-Power" you to never give-up, overcome your fears and achieve tremendous success in life and business." Berny Dohrmann, CEO/Founder of CEO Space International, April 2014

les_brown.jpg  "Nadine's Book is an easy read and will bring profound transformation to your life with her passion, experiences and  exercises she shares with you." - Les Brown, World's Leading Motivational Speaker, April 2014



“I would highly recommend Nadine Lajoie to anyone that needs a great speaker. Her topics are timely and important, to keep and grow your business and lead a balanced life.” – Shelley Kaye, President and Executive Director of Women in Default Services, April 11, 2013


“Win the Race of Life, is a great example that- anyone can determine their(own) extraordinary outcome while encouraging others to succeed.” - Greg S. Reid, Think and Grow Rich: 3 Feet From Gold Dec 3rd, 2010


Barry-Spilchuk.jpg“Nadine Lajoie is truly one of a kind. Her passion, intensity and never-say-die attitude show up for her on the race track and in her life. Guts, Glory, Glamour and Glee is what you will get from this amazing soul who lives life – in balance – at 180 MPH! This book will introduce you to two people your will love forever: First: Nadine – you can’t help but falling in love with her down-home, folksy writing style and her Go-for-it lifestyle. The second person you’ll fall in love with is YOURSELF! Reading and absorbing Nadine’s message will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and the person you will become. Merci Beaucoup Mon Amie! Vous Êtes Incroyable!!! - Barry Spilchuck, Co-Author of ‘A Cup of Chicken Soup for The Soul’, founder of You’re my Hero books. Dec 22nd, 2010

randy_peyser.jpg“Nadine Lajoie lights up a room when she speaks. She is inspiring and motivating and provides solid and valuable content to empower people to get into action and create their dreams.” - Randy Peyser, author of The Power of Miracle Thinking and Crappy to Happy as seen in the movie, EAT, PRAY, LOVE, June 2011.



david_corbin.jpg” Nadine’s book is one that is written from the heart and mind of experience. She’s lived the ‘rich and considered’ life, with it’s ups and downs, and has created ways that have assisted her to get through tough times to create great times. Read this book and get a lesson plan for living a BIG life- filled with happiness, joy, thrill and gratitude. (I loved it….and I’ve read a LOT of personal and professional development books.)” - David M. Corbin,  Author, Speaker, Inventor, Mentor and fan of Nadine’s work! September 28th, 2011

What People Say About Her #1 Best-seller Book (dreams category):
“Win The Race Of Life…with balance and passion at 180mph

Other Testimonials from Participants & Clients


January 2016- Livre en français - C'est le meilleur livre que j'ai eu sur une vraie expérience de vie!

" WOW, 3 petites lettres qui décrivent le mieux le livre de Nadine !!! A peine un chapitre que j'avais commencé , que j'avais envi de savoir la suite à fond !!!! Elle nous détaille vraiment tout comme si nous serions en pleine action!! Voilà un livre qui nous permet de nous choisir mais surtout de nous épanouir. Le meilleur à mon actif !!!!  "  - Paméla Mainguy, Québec, CAN -


April 6, 2015 - Private Mastermind April 4th in Irvine

Nadine Lajoie, I WANT TO GIVE YOU A HIGH FIVE it should b a high 10 I learned so much at the Seminar last Sat it's taking me a while to absorb it all I am still studying my notes. What knowledge you shared with us. You gave me personally so many tools to work with, I am putting them to use already Thank you so much!!!  DJ Karaoke

January 7, 2015 - West Hills Event with M.A.P.S - Health and Senior Care Industry:

"THANK YOU for your presentation this morning and allowing me to be a little emotional in our conversation.   I began to focus on my successes and that alone has once again got me into a positive “I can do it” state despite the circumstances I am currently dealing with.    I beyond appreciate all you do!  Thank you, thank you!  Your presentation was exactly what I needed to start off 2015!


Testimonials from "Overcome Your Fears and Succeed in Business", my signature event at the Racetrack on November 30, 2014, Autoclub Speedway, Fontana, CA

Evaluation of Event Participants

"I know that a lot of people will tell you that, but I want to do it too, because I think that is really nice and necessary to hear nice and grateful words when we do something GREAT. Ok. THANK YOU. You do it really well, you make me feel strong, you make me feel brave, and you make me think that my dreams will come true if I try it. I don't want to feel sad, to play the victim, I don't want to wait to good things. I want to do that things happen... And you really help me to try to do that. You are amazing! How can a person to have enough confidence to believe in himself and to give hope and faith to the others? Thank you." -Anna, April 22, 2014


"Hi Nadine, First I have to say how inspiring you are, as well as a beautiful speaker and singer.  It was easy to see how riveted everyone was on your words. I am beginning a new journey since I still do not know if I will be physically able to return to my chosen profession.  I am a commercial airline pilot, but my recent surgery has grounded me for an indefinite period. I was encouraged by you and the other attendees yesterday.  I hope our paths will cross again soon." -Joani Feiner, April 2014

From my real estate coaching client:

"On my first phone conversation with Nadine she was very honest. She specifically told me that she's honest and tells the truth. Not what I want to hear to make myself feel better. Nadine tells you what you need to hear, no B.S.. Nadine has taught me to balance my life between personal and business, that you need both to have self worth. To take one corner at a time, nothing happens over night. I have caught myself getting ahead of myself then I remember what Nadine says and it gets me back on the right track. Nadine is very knowledgeable in the financial world and has helped me understand and analyze deals. She's able to show me why the deals make business sense and why they don't. Nadine is a GREAT COACH and she's always trying to prevent you from crashing. But also pushing you to the limit to get the most out of you. She has always been very respectful about returning my emails, text messages and phone calls. With her time very limited that truly shows me that she cares about you and your Success. Thanks Nadine and looking forward to years of success with you. Sincerely, Bruce" - Bruce Rohde, March 2014

Testimonials from Statistics Canada, March 2014

English Testimonials

French Testimonials

"HI Nadine, thanks again for your wonderful and inspiring presentations.  You certainly touched the hearts of our youth and that was evident by the number of youth that stayed back to talk to you, the numbers seemed to grow after every presentation.  The ultimate was the leadership workshop, looking at the faces of the girls in attendance, the smiles and the participation of the girls was so amazing.  I could see that they were coming out of their shells as the day went on. Hope to hear from you soon." - Public Affairs, Cornwall Community Police Service March 2014

Feedback of Teens from the Youth Symposium presented by the Cornwall Community Police

"Nadine,  what an inspiration you are!  You are indeed one of Club 797 Saturday Morning Toastmasters Champions. Thank you for sharing how you overcame the odds to move forward toward your dream.  You brought out the champion in all of us on Saturday at Club 797 Open House and Officer Installation. I think everyone is going right out to get themselves a trophy to celebrate their dream in life.  Everyone left feeling like a champion and a little closer to their dream.  I hope your experience at Club 797 Toastmasters special event was just as rewarding for you as it was for the members of the audience..." - Reatha Corbett, February 2014

 "The speaker Nadine Lajoie who speaks all over the world and who is also my  friend was terrific and everyone loved her and could of listened to her all night.  Wow Nadine rocked the Gallery with dynamic stories and information and she also sings like an angel. Her one song I've Got a friend really had everyone thinking who was their friend who would always be there for them.  Nadine is so creative to mix music with her presentation it was fantastic." - Robbie Motter, National Association for Female Executives, October 2013

 “What a wonderful teleclass you led last night, Nadine! I can now better understand why you’ve been so successful and abundant. Your messages and insights were unique and powerful. I will be happy to scout for new clients for you!” – Anne Moore, Publisher of Ageless Success Magazine - July 2012

 ” I enjoyed meeting you at the TEDx Westmount Seminar last Saturday in Montreal. Your presentation was dynamic! Your impressive motorcycle racing ability. I remember the photo of you turning the corner with your knee on the ground for a stable turn. Also, your motivating life story and your energetic singing was a lively combination!” – Margaret Hughes, Montreal, May 2012

 “Nadine helped me on a weekly basis to start my business engine and see the actions that I needed to take, to get my business racing through the track. This allowed me to accomplish more than I expected and at a faster speed than anticipated.”
- C.C. Culver- Student Astronaut, Virgin Galatic October 2010.

 “I have been in the race of life many times but always gave up. Since my coaching sessions with Nadine she inspired me to win the race. She guided me into action with a very powerful plan of action. In a very short time I saw the results. I got into action and accomplished goals I never thought would be possible. Her approach of taking into account your personal ,professional and spiritual life creates balance. She has been a great teacher in my path!” – Donna, April 2012

 “You gave me your book on Tuesday morning. I read it on my flight to Atlanta, highlighting key points that I intend to implement when I get back home in Arizona. I too had contemplated suicide at one point in my life. My children were my strongest motivation for living. So instead of killing myself, I killed my marriage in which I felt dead. It has been a long road to get to the place where I am now fully alive and so very grateful to have so many loving and supportive friends. Thank you for sharing your life. You have inspired me to share mine.”
- Deborah Clark, July 2011

 After a presentation at a Xocai event, July16 2011, people were saying:

“Nadine was very good. She got me thinking about turning the negative into positive and setting myself goals.”
“Nadine was excellent. She got me thinking about my dreams and my WHY, and never give up.Thank you!”
“Nadine is very inspirational. She got me thinking about the importance of setting goals, making a plan, and turn the negative into positive. I now know how to set my dreams and to not let the obstacles stop me.”
“Nadine’s program was very inspiring. I can reach my dreams if I focus!”

 “We had the pleasure of having Nadine Lajoie at our annual gala held on October 18th 2007. “Life in the Fast Lane” is a motivational conference designed to demonstrate how one can align their life choices with their inner passions. Ms. Lajoie conveys her enthusiasm, energy and conviction by recounting her own life experience and by proposing interactive exercises with her audience. They are propelled to action with concrete examples and a realistic approach. We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Nadine Lajoie for corporate events – your clients will most certainly return home inspired and eager to excel at a higher lever.”
- Robert Frances, PEAK Investment Services Inc.

 “Nadine Lajoie is an amazing woman who is not afraid to follow her dream and her heart’s mission. Nadine was our Mistress of Ceremony for us at our event in Paris, France May 14, 2010. She also was a speaker and was able to bring our attendees together in a powerful intimate way with a song that brought almost everyone present to tears and women bonded who never met each other.
Nadine was very authentic, professional and engaging. She speaks from her heart and inspires others to live their dream. We are looking forward to having her speak for us again.”
- Valéri Bocage CEO, Powerful Women International (PWI)

 “Nadine Lajoie came to my school to talk to our students about the importance of the choices we make in our lives. What I appreciated the most is how she spoke honestly about the good and bad decisions she has made and about how she turned her life around by following her dreams. I find Nadine to be a great speaker who delivers an inspiring and passionate message that leave the students wanting for more. Most motivational speakers only talk about their successes but Nadine is more transparent than most and she effectively touches the students deep inside with her audacious, courageous and contagious personality. Nadine is a person who follows her heart and I find her to be an excellent role model for young men and women. It would be my pleasure to vouch for Nadine as a motivational speaker.”
- Berel Weiner, PIAF Coach.

 “I enjoyed spending time with you at 511, you are amazing!! you have inspired me to pursue something I have been contemplating and have also helped me put it in context.
Besides the fun aspect, dancing has helped me change my life so much – the lessons I learn through dance are the same ones I am learning to live outside of the studio. I have often wanted to share this journey with others but have not known how to present it in a way outside of the striper context that most people associate pole dancing with. and that is so far from what the dance studio is about.  Anyhow, I’m considering entering some competitions next year and wanted to share this with you and let you know what an inspiration you are and to say thank you for living your dreams.”
- Andrea Roberts, May 2011.

 “I went to your website. WOW! What an amazing person you are. I am inspired by you. I am wonder if you suicidal feelings were related to all that passion not having an expression. I’d love to read your life story.”
- Bill, May 2011.

 “I am so glad that I crossed paths with you. You certainly have opened a path way for me to potentially attain something that I wasn’t sure how to turn the impossible into something possible. I can’t thank you enough for that. My brain feels like it has been turned on with a “motivation switch”, so am starting to write my book now. I have already waited so long, I don’t want to waste anymore time. I have a lot of “negative hamsters” to get rid of.”
- Dolly, April 2011.

 “I feel I do have a sincere passion for what I am doing. Your program made me realize maybe I am not externally passionate enough in expressing my strong belief in my products and what they can do to improve people’s lives. You are inspirational and your work is needed by as many people you can possibly get in front of. I wish and pray for your continued success in getting your story out to the world.” -CeoSpace Melbourne FL, March 2011.

 “Dear Nadine,
We are writing to thank you very much for the excellent conference you gave on December first 2010 in Montreal Canada.
You are indeed gifted to be able to speak about sensitive issues including suicide and transcending major life challenges with positive energy that inspires the audience and imparts the power of hope and message of love.
Incorporating your warm voice, multi musical instrument playing talents, song writing and singing along with your motor cycle racing meditation into a powerful conference with decisive message is an absolute genius and original creative way to take on a public speaking stage and engage the audience in a journey of self-reflection, empowerment and forward thinking.
Nadine, you have touched the thoughts, feelings and life experience of many and sent them home with a vision of how to move forward along with the possibility of receiving your valuable coaching so you never left anyone to fend for themselves without support if you stirred their emotions.
You are an excellent role model of success and conquering self limitations. You made a difference in a palpable and unique way that I hope that you can take to the world, for you are offering a rare combination of approaches to connect with others at a deep level from a big stage.
Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those who attended and we look forward to having you back in the near future.
We wish you all the best of success in 2011.”
- CEO Space Canada Team, CeoSpaceCanada, January 2011.

 After her speaking at a CeoSpace event in Montreal, December 1st, 2010, here what people had to say about Nadine:
“I was very pleasently surprised, amazing speach!”
“Inspiring like an energy burst!”
“Very Interesting because of her unique way to bring the subject.”
“Different from other speaker because of her different background.”

 “3 years ago, I met Canadian business woman, Nadine Lajoie from Montreal. We have been partners and friends ever since. Nadine is one of the finest, brightest, most honest, trustworthy, pleasant and amiable people I’ve met in my life and I’ve met some absolutely wonderful people.
Nadine, besides being a successful financial planner with a flourishing partnership in her business in Montreal, established her Nadynn International to buy real estate and do other business in the United States.
She has been sparring with the US Immigration and Naturalization for more than 3 years and even though she brought cash, knowledge, hutzpah and a genteel charm, they fought her every bit of the way. She bought 8 houses and some other businesses but they still turned her down twice. She finally got her Visa a couple of months ago and she has now moved to Southern California and plans to stay in our warm weather for a while.
Oh, I did not mention that Nadine is motorcycle racer who places regularly on that circuit, plays classical and other piano, sings and has a great deal to say seriously about life. She speaks about business, wealth, philosophizes about her life and performs. She recently was received well in France just being Nadine.
I suggest we build an event around her speaking. If you have some brainstorms, let ‘em fly. The whole community would be enriched listening to this sweet, shrewd, darling French Canadian Girl from Montreal who has a great deal to bring to us, about business and about life.”
- Jimmy Israël, Independent Student Advisor, Nouveau Riche. August 2010.

 “Hello Nadine. I want to thank you for what you brought me because I saw your presentation, congratulations! This is a real motivation source! I keep looking at it again and again! You are amazing and one day I would like to meet you. I cannot thank you enough for what you brought me Nadine! See, I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 39 years old. At that time, I had just got promoted as assistant manager when my life changed completely. Today I am 45 years old, because of my implication in a new company with 2 partners, for me, it is giving me a goal, a reason of fighting every day of my life and saying: ‘’ I am good at doing something in my life besides being there for my kids and my husband, but also achieving myself as a woman.’’ I had the opportunity to discover you through facebook, and I saw the independent woman that you are, the same way I wanted to be. And I was saying to myself: ‘’Wow, what a dynamic person she is! She has a fantastic determination this woman! Everything she does is phenomenal!!! ‘’ I want to say Thank you dear Nadine, for the love you emit and you also give through your songs. You touch my heart. Continue, because it feels good to hear we are great when it’s true! You have a huge energy, a beautiful life testimonial and a great life path to share with us.”
- Nathalie Roy, August 2010.

 After her speaking at a Xsura event, Aug 7th, 2010, here what people had to say about Nadine:
“It takes me a lot to be moved by a motivational speaker, but you did it!”
“You are the real deal! ”
“You are so amazing and SO POWERFUL, little lady!”
“I felt today something I never felt before. You are awesome. Thank you.”
“You did a fantastic job and I want you on different other speaking events!”

 “WOW !!!!! What a story that gives me wings!!!! You are a real inspiration Nadine I am pushing forward my dreams right now, in part because of you. I am watching you opening those doors and get what you want….you are becoming a huge example! Thank you for who you are!”
– Carele Belanger, Founder of BE the Master, August 2010.

 “Nadine delivers her heart and inspires! I highly recommend Nadine for any group who is looking for a talented motivational speaker. Nadine has a unique advantage as a Motorcycle Racer that immediately commands respect – her delivery is endearing, captivates and engages the audience. Book Nadine for your next event – you will want her back again and again.”
- Pam Terry, International Director and Regional Director, Houston-Connection,
Powerful Women International , July 11, 2010

 “Nadine is an inspiring woman with many wonderful talents. She is full of love, compassion and concern for our youth and women. She brings joy and knowledge and power to others.”
– Valeri Bocage CEO of Powerful Women International PWI July 6, 2010

 “My main feeling about the conference is like : WOW! What I liked the most: it’s all positive, you don’t talk about the past stories, just little snap and you switch to positive.”
– Marie-Eve Bilodeau

 “If everybody would have your energy, the world would be better!”
– Ghislain, January 2010

 Only positives comments for your conference!! For people like me, that was really understandable, I was able to follow and I even became more interested… and that… that is a miracle!!!!!!
– D. Talbot, January 2009

 You are going fast on your bike, but you take the time to stop and appreciate a sunset and all the beauties that the life bring to us and you say thank you. I ask to meet every day a person to continue my spiritual growth. You was the right person yesterday.
– October 19th, 2007

 Another time, thank you Nadine for this amazing evening and congratulations for all your talents. I’m happy your are one of our members.
- January 9th, 2007

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